DeMarini CF -9 Fastpitch Bat 2023 DeMarini CF -9 Fastpitch Bat 2023
DeMarini CF -9 Fastpitch Bat 2023 DeMarini CF -9 Fastpitch Bat 2023
DeMarini CF -9 Fastpitch Bat 2023
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Take advantage of the Paraflex® Plus Composite Barrel to deliver consistent performance with every swing.

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Engineered for strong high school and college hitters, the 2023 DeMarini CF (-9) Fastpitch Bat delivers reliable performance and consistent power output to help clear the bases. Returning its signature Paraflex® Plus Composite Barrel, the technology made famous by its consistent output and forgiving feel, CF (-9) offers a massive sweet spot for frequent hard contact. The CF (-9) uses its durable composite barrel to transform powerful swings into serious exit velocities at the plate, and the Type-V Connection pairs the barrel with a Paraflex® Plus Composite Handle to create a forgiving feel that dampens vibration. CF offers a balanced swing weight and the most forgiving feel in the DeMarini lineup, resulting in total barrel control.

- Engineered for consistent responsiveness and a huge sweet spot
- This all-new connection improves barrel performance and creates a responsive feel that delivers energy transfer into the barrel instead of your hands
- Redesigned with stronger materials to maintain barrel integrity and optimize power.
- Dampens vibrations while providing a solid feel.

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